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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie RETICLE SUBTENSIONS ADJUSTABLE PARALLAX CORRECTION DISTANCE INDICATED YARDAGE SETTINGS* Mark 4 10x40mm LR/T M1 50 yards to Infinity Mark 4 10x40mm LR/T M3 50 yards to Infinity Mark 4 16x40mm LR/T M1 50 yards to Infinity Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T M1 75 yards to Infinity Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T M1 Illum. Ret. 75 yards to Infinit

Second Focal Plane & MOA Scale. Impact-29 MOA. Second Focal Plane & MOA Scale. Impact-60 MOA. First Focal Plane & MOA Scale. Inverted H-32 (Spotting Scope) First Focal Plane & MIL Scale & Horus Vision & Spotting Scope. Inverted H-36 (Spotting Scope) First Focal Plane & MIL Scale & Horus Vision & Spotting Scope GROUP A (Large Triangle, 200 yard zero)GROUP B (Small Triangle, 200 yard zero)GROUP C (Large Triangle, 300 yard zero) (48-58 inches of drop at 500 yards) (Less than 35 inches of drop at 500 yards) (35-45 inches of drop at 500 yards) Boone and Crockett™Big Game Reticle Cartridge List. General Instructions

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Reticle Reference Chart 4050 S. Clark, Mexico, MO 65265 www.grafs.com • 800-531-2666 BSA 1/8 Dot BSA Mil-Dot BSA Illum R/G/B Plex BSA Contender BSA Turkey BSA Illum R/G/B Mildot BSA Mildot BSA Illum Mil-Dot BSA Duplex BSA Illum Red Dot Burris 3P#4 LRS Burris Electro-Dot Burris XTR Ballistic Mil-Dot Burris LRS Ballistic Plex Burris 3P# Time tested reticle and favorite of many hunters for fast target acquisition and lower light applications. A C RETICLE Dimensions (cm/100m) RETICLE Dimensions (cm/100m) 4 A C 4 A C Artemis 1000 7x50 20 70 MeoStar R1 4-12x40 (4x) 20 70 Artemis 2000 4x32 MeoStar R1 3-10x50 (4x) Artemis 2000 6x42 MeoPro 3-9x42 (4x) Artemis 2000 1.5-6x42 MeoPro 4-12x50 (4x

Leupold Reticle. This is also known as a heavy-duty reticle. Leupold is a brand that is committed to innovative and world-class technology. In fact, their commitment to quality and reliability speak volumes. The Leupold reticle has a direct and straightforward approach to it. External columns are broader and thicker than regular duplex reticles. Best for low light and brushy areas. Leupold. Your mounting system is the crucial link between your firearm and your optic. That's why we make more than one million rings and bases every year, righthere in there U.S.A . Our Strike Forged steel blenks are machined, polished, and tolerance tested to ensure rock-solid performance. Only then are they stamped with the Leupold logo and guaranteed to.

Reticle: Duplex: Illuminated: No: Nightvision Compatible Illumination: No: Daylight Bright Illumination: No: Motion Sensor Technology (MST) No: Electronic Reticle Level: No: Guard-ion Lens Coating: No: Weight (oz) 12.6: Elevation Adjustment Value per Click: 1/4MOA: Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA) 57: Elevation Adjustment Range (MIL) 17: Elevation Adjustment Range (cm @ 100m) 16 The Leupold® Mil Dot reticle employs a system based on the subtension of one milliradian (mil) from the center of one dot to the center of the next. This is also the distance between the crosshairs and the first dot. The subtension of 1 mil equals 3.6 inches at 100 yards or 36 inches at 1,000 yards. In metric units, the correspondence is 1 mil equals 10 centimeters at 100 meters or 1 meter at. I looked up the reticle subtensions for the new VX-III 6.5-20X, and they are 8.5 and 2.8 inch per hundred yds. plex post tip to post tip respectively. Of course the 20X subtension is too narrow to use for big game, but the 6.5 would work well enuf. Using say 25 inches for back to brisket bull maybe here's the ranging chart- Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 MOA Impact-60 reticle - 176447 Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 MOA PR1-MOA - 176445 Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 MOA illuminated PR1-MOA - 17644

Leupold VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm FFP with TMR Reticle - Duration: 7:00. Savage Shooters 32,067 view The brand new VX-6HD from Leupold is here, and its here to stay! This riflescope is the new king of optics, redefining everything that was great about the al.. Weaver Scope Reticle Chart, Vortex Rifle Scope Reticles, 1 4 MOA Scope Chart, Mil-Dot Scope Chart, Rifle Scope Zoom Chart, Vortex Optics Reticles, Weaver Scope Ring Chart, Bushnell Scope Reticles, Old Weaver Scope Mount Chart, Hawke Crossbow Scope Reticle, Weaver Rifle Scope Base Chart, Scope Parallax Chart, Swarovski Reticles Charts, Trijicon Reticle Chart, 1 8 MOA Scope Chart, Weaver Scope Base Chart Reference, Leupold Scope Mount Chart, Dual-X Reticle, Different Scope Reticles, 1 2 MOA. Take a look at Rex's Down to Earth Hunting Rifle in 7mm Rem Mag! For hunters who don't want to mess around with tactical scope turrets and ninja accessories,..

xs sm md lg sm md l I checked my Leupold Duplex reticle at 100 yards at 3.5 and 10 power magnifications. I measured the total distance from the bottom of the upper thick stadia line to the top of the lower thick stadia line. At 10x, the distance was 5.375. At 3.5x, the distance was 16.75. In MOA this comes out to 5.13 and 16 respectively. Remember that inches per 100 yards don't exactly equal minutes of.

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Parts of the Leupold Mil Dot and TMR Reticle A milliradian is a unit of measure derived from the degrees of a circle (in a 360 degree circle, there are 6,283.2 milliradians, or 17.45 milliradians per degree.) This means that a milliradian will subtend different amounts at different ranges. For example: The subtension of 1 mil equals 3.6 inches at 100 yards or 36 inches at 1,000 yards. In. Guys, I'm trying to decide on which Firedot reticle to go with in a Leupold VX-6 1-6. I'm thinking the Firedot 4 for a .375 all around rifle, but Leupold's reticle subtension chart shows the heavy part of the Firedot 4 is actually thinner than the Firedot duplex? I'm wanting more like the.. Illuminated Reticle; ZeroLock Dial System; High Definition (HD) Lens System; First Focal Plane (FFP) Second Focal Plane (SFP) MOA Adjustments; MIL Adjustments; Side Focus Parallax Adjustment; Red Dots . Series. DeltaPoint Pro; DeltaPoint Micro; Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS) Use. Handgun; Shotgun; Tactical; Binoculars. Series. BX-5 Santiam HD; BX-4 Pro Guide HD; BX-T HD; BX-2 Alpine HD; BX-1. Leupold Heavy Duplex Reticle 14 of 36 images . Crosshair Dot Reticle Their chart below provides more information on this, as they get very technical. NightForce Reticles . NightForce makes premium riflescopes geared towards the long-range shooter. Whether it is for competition shooting or hunting, they provide many reticle options. They make their proprietary MOAR reticle, as well as. Sportsman's News Magazine is the largest free outdoor publication in America and the official publication of Sportsman's Warehouse stores. https://www.sports..

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  1. The Leupold® Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR®) and Horus H27 reticle employ a system based on the subtension of one milliradian (mil) from the center of one full hash mark to the center of the next full hash mark . This subtension also applies from the center of the reticle to the center of the first full hash mark in any direction
  2. If your Leupold scope is one of our models with a fast-focus eyepiece, follow these simple steps: 1. All adjustment is made with the eyepiece. 2. Look through the scope with quick glances while focusing the reticle image. If you tend to hold things away from yourself to see them clearl
  3. ated Reticle; ZeroLock Dial System; High Definition (HD) Lens System; First Focal Plane (FFP) Second Focal Plane (SFP) MOA Adjustments; MIL Adjustments; Side Focus Parallax Adjustment; Red Dots. Series. DeltaPoint Pro; DeltaPoint Micro; Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS) Use. Handgun; Shotgun; Tactical; Binoculars. Series. BX-5 Santiam HD; BX-4 Pro Guide HD; BX-T HD; BX-2 Alpine H
  4. Each riflescope manufacturer uses its own name for the same style reticle such as Leupold's Duplex, Nikon's Nikoplex, and Simmons' Truplex for standard style Duplex reticle. In this article, we are going to give you complete information about some of the most popular and basic reticles. It is almost impossible to review all of the available reticles because there are so many types of.
  5. e the most precise (finest) crosshairs between the LR Duplex, the Fine Duplex and the Wide Duplex. I have one fine duplex and can compare it to that of another Duplex scope. I am trying to compare Dimension A.
  6. If you wish to know the subtension of a reticle style in a particular scope, please consult the Reticle Subtension Chart located in their catalog, or if the reticle in which you are interested is not listed, contact the Leupold Custom Shop. See their Reticle Styles page to view available reticles. Adjustments. Adding target-style adjustment knobs to your scope is just one example of the adjustment dial options you have from the Leupold Custom Shop. They can install the dials of your choice.
  7. Because the reticle lines are not evenly spaced or progressive the drop is built in at that range. Since the magnification is increased at proportion, but the subtension of the reticle always stays the same it can be recalibrated, usually not necessary with varmit, and definitely not with a 204, or at least the two I have. As a rule of thumb, at ranges from 600 out, a decrease in power will.

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  1. I know that at 9x, and at 100 yards the fine portion of the reticle (Leupold 3-9x40 Vari-XII) subtends 3 inches. Given that information, and given that I can find something of known size at the target distance, I can estimate the range to target. For example, if the chest of a whitetail deer is 18 deep and it evenly fits within the fine portion of the reticle then I know that deer is 600.
  2. Unless I am not understanding your question, Strelok Pro has you enter the magnification range of your scope (12-42) as well as the calibration power (22) being set during initial setup by choosing the brand and reticle from the chart. Once you look at the reticle page, the sliding bar changes the magnification and displays the differing yardages (calibrated to each power setting) represented.
  3. ation via weaponlight gives you nice black crossbars that let you bracket the target quickly
  4. All you have to do is plot a ballistic chart for your specific cartridge/gun then overlay it on the scope manufacturer's BDC reticule. In other words, if you use the text book bullet/velocity combination, sight the rifle in at 100 yards, and set magnification to the highest point, the BDC would be calibrated for bullet drop at given distances of 200, 300, 400 or 500 yards. In reality, when you overlay your trajectory on a BDC reticule, each line will represent a slightly different.
  5. The Leupold® VX®-3i riflescope delivers outstanding low-light performance in an incredibly tough, lightweight package. Built around our Twilight Max® Light Management System and an extremely popular 3:1 zoom ratio, you'll be able to find the right magnification range for any hunting environment
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I was reviewing the reticle subtension's for the Leupold FX3 6x42 mm Wide Duplex reticle. The leupold chart states the thin opening is 23.3 inches at 100 yards. I was under the impression that the subtension measurement is the same regardless of distance as long as the scope's power sett.. Adjusting the magnification (and consequently subtension) to match various trajectories is probably the best way to apply these reticles for intermediate range shooting and often works well assuming the reticle is close enuf to the trajectory. I never use this system in my ballistic and rangefinding reticles though. I always crank the optic to the highest power and leave the subtensions where. Reticle: Duplex: Illuminated: No: Nightvision Compatible Illumination: No: Daylight Bright Illumination: No: Motion Sensor Technology (MST) No: Electronic Reticle Level: No: Guard-ion Lens Coating: No: Weight (oz) 12.1: Elevation Adjustment Value per Click: 1/4MOA: Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA) 65: Elevation Adjustment Range (MIL) 25: Elevation Adjustment Range (cm @ 100m) 24 EBR-2 MRAD Reticle Ranging Examples 2.74 mrad reticle correction for a figure walking 3 mph at a distance of 800 yards. 7.62mm with 175 gr. SMK. No wind. Total bullet time of flight from moment of trigger pull is 1.5 seconds during which the figure travels 6.6 feet. Elevation already dialed into turret. Walking Direction 6 Sightron Scope Reticles, Sightron Rifle Scopes, Moa Scope Reticle, Illuminated Reticle Scopes, Long Range Scope Reticles, Leupold Reticles, Scope Target, Mil-Dot Scope, Duplex Scope Reticle, Rimfire Rifle Scopes, Scope Reticle Types, Nikon Scope Reticle Types, Rifle Scope Crosshairs, Sightron Reticle Choices, Best Scope Reticle, Sightron MOA-2 Reticle, Different Types of Scope Reticles, Fixed Power Rifle Scopes, Nightforce Rifle Scope Reticles, 4X Rifle Scope, Trijicon Scope Reticles.

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Leupold Optics FireDot Reticle System. Designed for fast target acquisition, each FireDot reticle features an extra-bright centerpoint dot. The FireDot Duplex has the versatility for a broad range. How about a pr. dog like Leupold uses for their ranging feature in the VH reticle. They use 7.3 tall for a pr. dog sitting on his haunches on top of his hole, or wherever he might wanna sit, i guess. x-hair axis to bottom of 1st dot (our new subtension unit)= 3 IPHY, now plug the variables in again--7.3 x 100 / 3.0 / 1.0 = 245 yds. 243.3 / 0.9. ZEISS Huntin

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I've been a long time Leupold customer, but I'm a little confused as to my latest purchase. I'm a fan of the Heavy Duplex reticle- I have two 1.5-5x's with HD, a couple VX-1 Shotgun 1-4x in HD, and a VX-3 2.5-8x with Post & Duplex which is very similar to HD without the upper vert.. I have measured it (and found the stat somewhere) and it's around 19 inches--which is why I plan to have Leupold install the Heavy Duplex in my FXII. Posted By: hardway Re: Leupold fxII 4x33 - 05/22/09. JB, is that at 100 yds? Posted By: Mule Deer Re: Leupold fxII 4x33 - 05/22/09. Yeah. Posted By: BlackFrog Re: Leupold fxII 4x33 - 05/22/09. There is a reticle subtension chart on page 100-101. A subtension of .036 M.O.A. measured at 22x was selected after extensive research by Nightforce to offer competitors a reticle with an optimum subtension best suited for benchrest competition. The CH-1 provides an unobstructed field-of-view , allowing the shooter to observe the wind flags to detect a change of conditions The ballistic reticle system is inherently faster on target than the turret-click-chart method. I have too much invested in Weaver V16s to throw them all away at this point, so I'll continue using them on the bench, where I might have time to pull out my reading glasses to make the adjustments; or on rifles primarily used by my young men. But from here on out, for extended-range big game.

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Leupolds reticle subtension chart in the 2010 catalog shows the heavy reticle covering 1.7 at 3.5X and .6 at 10X. I presume these are at 100yrds. I presume these are at 100yrds. I have a VX3 1.75-6 with the heavy reticle and it is much heavier than the illustrations show it to be Leupold's RES is based on a deer sized target measurement, back-brisket, of 16, such that the center-top of post gap of the reticle subtends this measurement @ 100 yds. on the lowest magnification (I believe Burris + Pentax use 18 as a standard). If the deer is smaller than the gap then simply increase mag. until it fits, and voila read the back of the ocular for range. Now if you're. I'm thinking the Firedot 4 for a .375 all around rifle, but Leupold's reticle subtension chart shows the heavy part of the Firedot 4 is actually thinner than the Firedot duplex? I'm wanting more like the German #4 ; ation system employed in the exclusive FireDot™ Reticle System, you'll also appreciate the sleek, businesslike look and clean lines atop your favorite rifle. One look through the.

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you should get the Leupold catalog. It has all the subtension details in it. Leupold has always been very good for that detail. When it comes to rangefinding with the reticle you just have to substitute 11.11 in the equation for the 27.78 variable, since the smallest subtension unit you have in the reticle is 2.5 mils or 9.0 inch per hundred yds catalog -katalo

Leupolds reticle subtension chart in the 2010 catalog shows the heavy reticle covering 1.7 at 3.5X and .6 at 10X I have a VX3 1.75-6 with the heavy reticle and it is much heavier than the illustrations show it to be Leupold's Ballistics Aiming System® is comprised of specialized reticles that take into account the variables crucial to accurate, long-range shooting. The purpose is to help shooters be more effective by learning how to gauge target distance, place your reticle for that distance, and even compensate for wind deflection. The end result is improved accuracy and clean kills. It has proved so. Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32 http://amzn.to/2sCD2oqEp.1 - Understanding Scope Nomenclaturehttps://youtu.be/P6Fq20Zq6aMEp.2 - Basic Scope Adjustments & Underst.. I am trying to make sense from Leupold's reticle sub-tensions charts found here: leupold.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/2015-reticle-information.pdf Looking at the Table DUPLEX STYLE RETICLE SUBTENSIONS on page 7 for e.g., FX-II 4x, for wide duplex the text reads Heavy section: 2.4 inch Thin section: 0.8 inch Thin opening 38.2 inch

Leupold Retractable Ballistic Chart will help you keep critical, custom ballistics data where you can access it from any shooting position; Retractable Ballistic Chart from Leupold attaches to your Rifle Scope Accessories's maintube (1 or 30mm) forinstant access, and the durable metal tape with your ballistics data automatically retracts afte Subtension. Subtension is the amount of target that is covered by the reticle at a given distance and a given magnification. For example, a subtension of .1'' at one hundred yards and at 20 power magnification will cover .1'' of the target. For precision target shooters a lower level of subtension is important. To maximize precision on a small target you have to be able to see the target. A lower subtension means a thinner reticle. Not only can you see your target, but you. They all have the same idea in common—compensating ballistically by matching the holdover points for various distances. So, for example if the reticle has holdover points calibrated for 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards, a shooter just elevates to the new hold point for a given distance to make the shot. This is a much better system than just guessing a hold over amount. Hits are more likely when the shooter is holding a crosswire or dot exactly on the aimpoint instead of some.

Quote Reply Topic: understanding reticle subtension Posted: June/06/2015 at 16:09: I have few questions regarding to scope subtension. 1. Are all SFP scope has same reticle subtension? Example Let say, I have 2 scopes sightron SIII 6-24x50 and Vortex Viper HS 6-24x50 both has 1 MOA mil-dot. Whereas on a first-focal plane reticle subtension is correct at any magnification. Reticle subtension is the area of the target that your reticle covers. But more direct to your question a Leupold CDS dial is operating the erector of your scope and will be accurate at any magnification same as if you would adjust a scope when zeroing Cookies and privacy policy. 2018 Meopta - optika, s.r.o. and Meopta U.S.A., Inc. All rights Reserved | CMS FlexiSite | by FlexiSystems s.r.o. Leupold probably offers more reticle styles than any other scope manufacturer, so I will make an example of them and briefly describe the other styles illustrated in their 2005 catalog. Some, perhaps most, of these reticles are also offered by other major scope makers. CPC - This Leupold reticle is a variation of the Duplex that uses tapered crosshairs that are about as wide as a standard. Features: SFP, Illuminated, Tilt-off, 3-hour Auto-off, Low-battery-indicator, Dual-reticle, Daylight-bright, CR2032, 180 hours (high) 1400 hours (low), Capped, 0.1 MRAD per click, 65 MOA elev, Side-focus from 50, FOV [email protected]: 56 - 7, FOV @5x: 25, FOV @10x: 13, 30mm tube, 14in, 26oz, Assembled in Austria by Swarovski, Optional-ballistic-turre

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You can make your own chart for different power settings. Last Joined Dec 21, 2018 Messages 675 Location Washington. The CDS system is custom to Leupold and is based on the exact bullet/cartridge you are shooting. Given, elevation, caliber, muzzle velocity, ballistics/drop at 2,3,4,5,6 yards, elevation of scope mounted above the rifle. Leupold builds a Custom Dial System based on those. A mil in a reticle subtends 3.6 at 100 yards. Double that number for 200 yards, triple for 300 yards and so on. A mil is 36 at 1000 yards. To find the approximate distance to a target using mildot scopes you must first set the magnification at the required power specified by the manufacturer

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1992 Leupold catalog which measures 8-1/2 x 11 with 26 numbered pages.There are 16 pages of scopes,2 pages of Spotting scopes,2 pages of binoculars,2 pages with mounts/rings and a mount application chart,a Reticle Subtension chart and a page of accessories. Excellent As-New conditio I had the original VX6 with the Multigun (SPR) reticle, didn't care the reticle, too big of gaps.. I sent my contact at Leupold a message asking for detailed info on this reticle, if it is indeed a 200 yard zero with 3,4,500 yard holds and some windage reference marks I will get one in. If it's a 55g or 62g calibration it's close enough.. Just confirm at those longer distances and make a slight zero adjustment if needed or hold as needed Reticle placement affects subtension. Reticles in the first focal plane maintain the same relationship to the target regardless of magnification. Reticles in the second focal plane cause the subtension/relationship to change as magnification is altered. Mil-dot or ranging reticles set in the second focal plane are usually calibrated to work at the scope's maximum magnification. Alternatively, you can turn the power selector to half the maximum magnification, doubling the. 1,000 yard benchrest competitors prefer the NP-2DD reticle when selecting the 8-32x56 and 12-42x56 models in the Precision Benchrest series for its optimum dot subtension. The unobstructed field-of-view allows the shooter to observe the wind flags to detect a change of condition. Suggested Use: Varmint, 1000 yard benchrest. NP-2DD Reticle Close U When changing the magnification on a first or front focal plane (FFP) scope, the reticle changes size to maintain consistent subtensions relative to the target image. At high magnification, the scopes appears to zoom in on a FFP reticle, and at low magnification, a FFP reticle shrinks. In contrast, a second or rear focal plane (SFP or RFP) reticle does not change when you change magnification. SFP reticles are popular where a clear aiming point is most important (e.g., hunting.

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1997 Leupold catalog which measures 8-1/2 x 11 with 43 numbered pages.There are 16 pages of scopes,2 pages of Spotting scopes,4 pages of binoculars,2 pages of mounts/rings,an 8 page mount application & ring selection chart,a Reticle Subtension chart and a page of accessories The image above is a Leupold scope reticle dubbed the FireDot Wind-Plex. The reticle aids in compensating for crosswinds. The hash marks are in one MOA increments, and extend to ten MOA on each side. You can read more about this scope, and find other examples of MOA (and Mil-Dot) scopes on Leupold's website. But just what is a minute of angle, and how is it used to dial, or hold, for the wind. Highly precise reticle with .016 MOA vertical and horizontal lines and a .095 MOA center read more. CTR-3™ Reticle. The ultimate in simplicity with .016 MOA nonilluminated vertical and horizontal lines, and read more. DDR-2™ Reticle. Two .172 MOA horizontal stadia outside of .016 MOA center lines. .095 MOA center dot, plus read more. FC-3G™ Created specifically for our 1-4 x 24. The important point is that reticle subtension is actually ~ inversely proportional to magnification. In fact a magnification can actually be calcd. that will give the avg. subtension change needed for all the tested ranges. I'm sure that that's the math behind the Spot-On Program, Gerald Perry's Exbal (the originator of the computer apps. regarding this stuff i think), and Zeiss Rapid-Z. 3.44 MOA/mil is a correction factor that is only applied after you first determine the mag-dependent change in reticle subtension in units of mils, which you did correctly. So for the 1 mil (22X/22X) calculation, the corresponding value in MOA would be 3.44 MOA (1.0 mil x 3.44 MOA/mil = 3.44 MOA); for the 0.6875 mil (22X/32X) calculation, the corresponding value would be 2.37 MOA (0.6875 mil x.

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